Pageant orders update.

2015 Pageant update.  December 20th 2015

All New Jersey, Rhode Island and Illinois orders have shipped

We are currently editing the Maryland and Delaware pageants.  Those orders will ship in January/February.


Understand that photo editing is a task that’s time consuming and heavily nuanced.  Although it’s not particularly difficult, it takes a lot of practice to become proficient.

It’s similar to dressmaking, woodworking, or golf.  All are simple pursuits but require time and discipline to do well.

As an example, preparing each order takes several hours after the initial edit depending on what’s ordered.  Scrolling through 10′s of thousands of photographs from three photographers looking for an individual contestant’s photographs is understandably tedious.  Sorting those photographs for CD orders and/or selecting photographs suitable for the Personal Image Books and then preparing those books for printing is especially meticulous.

Moreover. highlight and group orders have to be prepared for printing. Custom frames for deluxe packages and frame orders are sourced from an individual craftsman who laser engraves them especially for us (we’re his only customer).  Then we prepare and ship orders from our office as those items arrive.

Video is edited in the videographers editing suite and DVD orders are prepared and brought to our office for shipping.   Limelight DVD’s are individually prepared by the editor(s) scrolling through the entire show’s video and finding an individual contestant’s on stage presence and preparing the limelight DVD from that footage.

We’ve been doing this for nearly 10 years and normally we ship close to schedule but this year we’re late.  However, I think you’ll understand how even a small fluctuation in orders combined with this year’s weather has impacted a small enterprise like ours.

However we’re working 7 days a week trying to catch up.  And we’ve recently added a capable editor to help out.

I believe you’ll treasure the photographs and/or video as a significant event in your contestant’s life.

However I understand any frustration with the delay.  We appreciate your understanding and patience.

You can contact me directly at or call us at (276) 644 1144 if you have any questions.  If you reach the machine leave a message and we’ll call you back.  Please understand that we’re trying to reduce our phone availability in an effort to concentrate on fulfilling orders.  Thanks.



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