Pageant Order Updates

Please note that we are NOT the photography providers at the 2018 Series

pageants in Maryland, New York, and Delaware.

Please contact the respective pageant office for that information.


UPDATE: January 3rd , 2018

As of today,  Nearly all Illinois & Rhode Island orders have shipped.  All items.

Only one Personal Image Book order (one from NJ and one from Illinois ) remain, except for another recently received order.

FYI  Those items were inadvertently left out of this weeks shipment from the printer.  They have been completed and are en-route to me and will ship on Tuesday.


  • Illinois, New Jersey And Rhode Island Galleries are online
  • Image CD orders for Illinois, Rhode Island and New Jersey Rhode Island have shipped.
  • Illinois & Rhode Island Image books have been shipped.


Video orders (i.e. playable DVD’s)

Pageant Photography discontinued offering playable video products (DVD’s) at the end of the 2016 pageant season.   The Pageant Films USA web address was acquired by Premier Productions Virginia and they will be the DVD provider for the NJ & DE  2018 series pageants.   I have known the owners for more than a decade and I’m sure you will find their product and delivery to be outstanding.


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